In the State Senate, I work hard to make the best decisions for our district given current budget constraints. Seeing the challenges our Bloomington and Richfield communities face gives me a strong desire to work on education at the state level. I will work hard to make sure that our funding of schools reflects an understanding of the critical role they play in Minnesota’s short and long term success. In order to meet the needs of society, we must ensure that schools today address the needs of learners from early childhood through post-secondary years.


Minnesota has been and will continue to be attractive for employers who require skilled workers if we are encouraging job growth through such methods as reinvesting in our infrastructure, maintaining a high quality education system and encouraging business growth in areas of new technology and renewable energy. Identifying areas where there is a gap between the needs of businesses and skill set of available employees is a role government can play in encouraging job growth.

Health Care

Over the past few years, the most vulnerable Minnesotans have felt the impact of budget cuts to a greater degree than those who can afford care. We must change the direction and make it a high priority to ensure access to quality health care for all.


Our environment is precious and we need to make sure that government is able to uphold standards for air and water quality so that future generations will enjoy the high quality of life that we do today. A clean, sustainable environment benefits us from an economic standpoint as well when we continue to grow green energy jobs and attract tourists to our district and the state.


I hear people all across Bloomington and Richfield talk about how they have stayed in our communities because they like the stability, the services and the quality of the schools. We need to find ways through effective budget legislation to strengthen our communities. We have unique opportunities to access parks and wildlife areas and we need to find ways to ensure that these are enhanced and protected for future generations.